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Toshiba Internal CCTV Hard Disk Drive 4TB

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Toshiba Internal CCTV Hard Disk Drive 4TB

With a massive 2TB capacity, the slim and durable design Toshiba 2TB Hard Drive can easily boost the storage capabilities of your surveillance system. It is powered by USB 3.0 connectivity and the simple drag-and-drop storage makes organising your digital library hassle-free.

This hard drive operates efficiently and quietly under high temperature conditions and has a quick transfer rate of up to 6 Gbit/s and speeds of 5,700 RPM ensure you spend less time waiting to move files. Its high data storage enables it to support up to 64 cameras worth of data with exceptional continuous and writing performance. It also uses ramp loading technology that will protect your drive from unwanted data loss. Not least, it features an internal shock sensor that protects it from bumps and knocks.

Where it is absolutely vital that all your surveillance data is adequately stored and captured without loss of quality, the Toshiba 2TB Hard Drive must be your number one undisputed choice. Get yours today.

Features * Reliable and stable * Energy-saving * SATA 6 GB/s interface * Fierce continuous reading & writing performance * Stable performance under high temperature condition * Support up to 64 cameras * 26dB low noise * Built for 24/7 operations

Specifications * Brand: Toshiba * Capacity: 4TB * Speed: 5400rpm * Buffer memory: 32MB * Interface: Serial ATA 3.0/ATA-8 * Number of bytes per sector: 4KByte * Number of blanks: 4 * Read and write Numbers: 4 * Transmission interface rate: 6 GB/s * Continuous transmission rate: 162MB/s * Average rotary wait time: 5.56ms * Power: 5V * Power consumption when reading/writing: 6.5W * Low power idling: 2.2W * Electricity consumption when standby: 4.0W * External size (width*length*height): 101.6mm x 147mm x 26.1mm * Working temperature (operating time): 0-70c * Working temperature (non-operating time): -40-70c * Shock resistance (operation): 7.53m/s2 (0.75G) (RMS 5 to 300Hz) * Shock resistance (non-operation): 2.45m/s2 (0.25G) (RMS 300 to 500Hz) * Impact resistance (operation): 686m/s2 (70G) (2ms half sine) * Impact resistance (non-operation): 2940m/s2 (300G) (2ms half sine) * Noise (standby): 26dB

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