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The Wilderness Survival Guide – eBook


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The Wilderness Survival Guide

Survive The Wild Outdoors

From the beginning of time man has survived on his own knowledge and skills passed down
from one generation to the next. Whether it is constructing a shelter, gathering food, or
preparing for war, man has continually progressed with technology in every way possible. We
now live in luxurious homes filled with flat-screen TVs, iPods, and other gadgets that we have
become spoiled too.

We have supermarkets and restaurants at every corner; making it
convenient to grab a bite of food. Today, many of our wars are fought with radars from miles
away with the equipment you thought only existed in Star Wars.

But, have you ever stopped to think about what would happen tomorrow if all of that was gone?
Would you be able to survive? Would you know what to do? Would you know what to be aware
of and what to look out for? Could you start a fire, make a shelter, and find or kill food? Are you
prepared for the unexpected?

The sad truth is that many people are not. The great news is I am going to teach you everything
you need to know and do in order to survive the wild outdoors. Another wonderful benefit to
this vital report is the skills taught can be used in many other ways in the event of natural
disasters, a pandemic, riots, and even the “Zombie Apocalypse”!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to know how to survive on your own. As I said before,
our society has become so dependent on technology that many of us couldn’t find north if
someone had a gun to our head. Many would say, “I can find it with my Tom-Tom!” Good luck
when radars and satellites are down or you’re out of juice with that thing in the middle of

The Wilderness Survival Guide
I’m going to take you to bare basics and show you how to survive and protect you and your
family. I will give you the knowledge on how to sharpen your instinct and how to make fast,
smart decisions in hectic times. Let’s face it; these are things we don’t normally think about or
talk about, which is why you and your family need to be aware! Being prepared for the

“worst-case scenario” is the least we can all do to try and survive whatever element life throws at us.

As I have always said, no one plans on getting lost in the woods while taking an enjoyable hike! No
one plans on taking a 10ft plunge off a boulder, breaking their leg in the wilderness! And no one
plans on spending the night in the woods without shelter or food. What would you do?
Well grab some paper and a pen and start taking notes so you can lay out a survival plan to help
you and your family through all the “worst-case scenarios”! Let’s get started!