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Tactical Emergency Survival Kit Outdoor Sports Hiking Camping SOS Tool Equipment


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Tactical Emergency Survival Kit

Introducing the Tactical Emergency Survival Kit – Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion!

🪓 Multi-Purpose Updated Tactics Kit: This kit contains everything you need for various outdoor situations, including a scraper, flashlight, mini light, updated compass, whistle, tungsten steel pen, emergency thermal steel, and a wire saw.

🔦 Tactical Military Tool: This heavy-duty spring-assist folding tool features a sharp black blade, a black aluminum handle, and a pocket clip for easy and safe carry.

🧥 Emergency Thermal Blanket: Durable and compact, this blanket is made of non-toxic reusable material, waterproof and windproof, and can retain up to 90% of body heat.

🧭 Survival Luminous Compass: This compass features a 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation and orienteering. Remember to expose it to sunlight or light before use.

💳 Unique Swiss Card: Credit card-sized and easily fits inside your wallet or pocket, providing you with additional tools and functionalities.

🔥 Flintstones Fire Starter: Made from magnesium and iron, this fire starter can be used 5000-12000 times to ignite a fire, ensuring you stay warm and safe.

✒️ Emergency Survival Pen: Crafted from tungsten steel, this pen offers superior strength and portability, making it an essential tool in any survival situation.

🔦 Tactical Torch Flashlight: With its zoomable design, this flashlight is heavy-duty and compact, allowing you to zoom in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination.

🎒 Specification:

  • Size: 20cm x 13cm x 11cm
  • Weight: About 1kg
  • Bag Color: Black

Package includes: 1x Bag 1x Flint 1x Wire saw 1x Bracelet 1x Whistle 1x Multi-function scraper 1x Emergency tungsten steel pen 1x Emergency thermal blanket 1x Tactical torch flashlight (AA battery not included) 1x Multi-function compass 2x Hanging D buckle 1x Tactical Knife 1x Multifunction fork knife 1x Folding Pliers 1x Kettle Buckles 1x Survival Rope 2x Glow sticks 1x Blow Pipe 1x PVC gloves 1x Raincoat 1x First Aid kit 1x Fishing equipment 1x Tourniquet 1x Scissors 1x Tweezers 1x Q-tips 4x pins 2x Non-woven Gauze Patch 1x Esmarch Bandage 2x Elastic bandage

Get prepared for any adventure with this comprehensive survival kit. Order yours now and be ready for whatever nature throws your way! 🏞️🌲🔪🏕️


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