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Survival Tips For The Prepper – MP4 Video


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Survival Tips For The Prepper – MP4 Video x 10

For every good thing that happens in our world, there are bad things that happen as well. This 10 x Videos Series will help you be ready!

From situations that occur between people to natural disasters, many people are raised to expect the worst but hope for the best. These 10 fantastic videos cover a range of survival topics from prepping to how to defend yourself if you get in trouble.

All videos are short and right to the point, making them very easy to work into a busy schedule without having to take up a large part of the day.


Video #1 – 10 Warfare Survival Tips – 10 great tips on essentials that you should do during a warfare type situation. Length: 1:07 minutes

Video #2 – 7 Urban Survival Tips for the Home – Making sure you’re prepped for survival in your own home is important. These 7 tips ensure you’re ready for anything. Length: 1:18 minutes

Video #3 – 10 Self-Defense Tips for Preppers – Being able to defend yourself is important regardless of who you are. This video contains 10 great tips for defending yourself successfully. Length: 1:25 minutes

Video #4 – 10 Signs to Look for When Treating a Casualty – When things go very bad, it’s important to know what to do and how to do it. 10 tips on what signs you should look for in the event of a casualty. Length: 1:27 minutes

Video #5 – 10 Tips to Prevent Carjacking – Unfortunately, carjacking is still very prevalent today. These ten tips cover how to prevent carjacking from happening to you. Length: 1:15 minutes

Video #6 – 7 Firearm Self-Defense Tips – Especially today, it’s vitally important to know how to defend yourself during a situation where a firearm is being used. This video covers 7 tips on how to keep yourself safe. Length: 1:07 minutes

Video #7 – 8 Tips to Prevent Rape During Times of Crisis – During particularly trying times, it’s important to keep yourself safe from any physical or psychological harm. This video goes over 8 tips on how to prevent rape. Length: 1:22 minutes

Video #8 – 10 Essential Home Remedy Supplies for Preppers – Although things are fine now, there are some situations and natural disasters that can change things in an instant. Follow these 10 tips for home remedy supplies that are essential for continued survival. Length: 1:17 minutes

Video #9 – 10 Essential Items for a Child’s 72 Hour Bag – Children require a different set of items for times of disaster or preparation. This video covers 10 essential items you should pack in your child’s bag. Length: 0:44 seconds

Video #10 – 10 Situational Awareness Techniques for Women – It’s very important to be able to read a situation or people during trying times. This video discusses 10 techniques women can employ to keep themselves safe. Length: 1:10 minutes