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SIBLEY 600 ULTIMATE – Canvas Tent

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“CanvasCamp Sibley 600 Ultimate: Your Royal Glamping Oasis. Spacious, luxurious, and built to conquer the outdoors. Elevate your luxury camping with flexible finance options!

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CanvasCamp Sibley 600 Ultimate – Your Royal Glamping Retreat

Step into a realm of glamping opulence with the CanvasCamp Sibley 600 Ultimate. This magnificent tent seamlessly blends lavishness, expansive space, and unwavering durability, setting a new standard for outdoor extravagance.


  • Size: An extravagant 6-meter diameter, creating a regal haven for up to 16 glampers.
  • Material: Exquisitely crafted from premium 360 g/m² Ultimate canvas, designed to withstand nature’s most challenging conditions.
  • Center Height: A towering 4 meters, providing ample headroom fit for royalty.
  • Windows and Vents: Eight large windows equipped with mosquito mesh and canvas flaps ensure superior ventilation and a tailored ambiance.
  • Doorway: A grand entrance featuring a robust zipper and a secondary mesh door for unrestricted airflow while keeping insects at bay.
  • Groundsheet: A deluxe zip-in PVC groundsheet enhances insulation and maintains a dry and immaculate glamping haven.
  • Setup Time: Effortless assembly in just 45 minutes.
  • Accessories Included: Ground stakes, central pole, exquisite guy ropes, and a luxurious storage bag for graceful transportation.

Indulge in the Glamping Features:

  • Ultimate Canvas: Crafted with deluxe 360 g/m² Ultimate canvas, this tent exudes sophistication while ensuring your safety during rain, wind, and snow.
  • Palatial Interior: With a sprawling 6-meter diameter and a central height of 4 meters, this tent invites you to immerse yourself in opulence and grandeur.
  • Ambiance Control: Eight expansive windows with mesh screens offer exceptional cross-ventilation and lighting customization. Integrated canvas flaps add elegance to your retreat.
  • Elegant Zippers: The heavy-duty entrance zipper ensures effortless access, while the secondary mesh door welcomes refreshing breezes while keeping unwanted guests out.
  • Zip-In Groundsheet: The deluxe PVC groundsheet elevates your glamping experience, offering a dry and immaculate environment.

Finance Options Available:

  • Elevate your glamping palace with flexible finance options:

Included with Your Purchase:

  • The CanvasCamp Sibley 600 Ultimate Tent
  • A majestic central pole for structural grandeur
  • Ground stakes for secure anchoring
  • Luxurious guy ropes for reinforcing your setup
  • An extravagant storage bag for transporting your glamping palace with grace

Elevate your glamping adventure with the CanvasCamp Sibley 600 Ultimate, where glamour meets the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning a lavish outdoor event, a family reunion, or seeking the pinnacle of outdoor luxury, this tent pampers you with opulent accommodation. Embrace the grandeur; immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Purchase your Sibley 600 Ultimate today and redefine your glamping experiences.

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