Camouflage Suits Woodland Clothes

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3D Universal Camouflage Suits Woodland Clothes Adjustable Size Ghillie Suit For Hunting Army Military Tactical Sniper Set

Item specifics
  • Brand Name:aichAngeI
  • Usage: Medical
  • Fabric Type: Corduroy
  • Material:Acetate,Cotton
  • Gender: Men
  • Item Type: Sets
  • Model Number:GR-36

1. Package including Full Jacket, Long Pants, Head Veil, Rifle Wrap and Great Camo Carry Bag2. Camouflage clothes for the U.S. Army combat uniforms, the use of color is a physical blend of color to the background color of the soldiers of camouflage uniforms. When fighting them can disguise themselves as bushes and trees, soil color, and can be provided as a whole, so that the enemy is not easy to find you.

3. The appearance of carefully tailoring and design, the use of streamline simulation straw PP line in order to achieve the shape, vivid, camouflage effect is very powerful!

4. mesh fabric lining with camouflage camouflage instead of the traditional cloth, lighter weight, better ventilation, will not too hot in summer wear, winter wear warm and good.

5. the whole product is divided into caps, jackets, pants and a camouflage package of four parts. Caps are free to take off, facial mask; shirt chest with press button, easy to wear off, and will not appear like a zipper-style card hair phenomenon; Kujiao ankle with snap open and close, with shoes go no problem; camouflage packaging durable, small and easy to carry.

6. Color: Jungle

7. Size: Free (for Height 168-180cm)

8. Weight: 1.5kg


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