Artificial Grass

Primeturf Artificial Sythentic Grass 1 x 10m 40mm – Natural

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Artificial Grass 10 SQM Synthetic Artificial Turf Flooring 40mm

Great Alternative
Great idea for decorations in backyards, rooftop gardens, balconies, patios and around swimming pools, our Synthetic Artificial Turf Flooring is an attractive and maintenance-free alternative to real grass.

Quality Made
Exceptionally 40mm thick and made from a UV stabilised yarn, this turf is anti-colour fading and sun damage. Our artificial turf looks incredibly natural and has the appearance of a perfectly manicured lawn. Let our Synthetic Artificial Turf Flooring brings convenience and ambience to your everyday life. No more weeding, watering, mowing or trimming.

6 Year Warranty
We are 100% confidence with our product that it’ll last for a long time.


* Durable wearing and dense multipurpose grass
* Used four-coloured synthetic grasses to create a real and natural appearance
* High quality materials used; offers a more genuine and softer touch
* Perfect lawn all the year round
* Anti-fading yarn; UV stabilised
* Thicker sturdy backing with drainage
* Mowing and watering free
* No pesticides and fertilizers required
* Money, time and labour-saving
* Easy to cut and install
* Can be glued/pegged down or used loose laid


* Material: Polyethylene
* Pile height: 40mm
* Machine gauge: 5/8inch
* Tufted Density (d/M2): 14700
* Stitch Rate (/10cm): 14
* Backing Glue: PP non-woven cloth w/ SBR latex
* Yarn Denier (dtex): 12500
* Dimension: 10 square meter roll with 1 meter width

Package Content

1 x 10sqm Synthetic Grass


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