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Giantz 3 Speed Hand Winch Synthetic Rope

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2000kg 3 Speed Hand Winch

Made with superior Dyneema synthetic rope and 3 speed gearing to suit different situations you may have. You can put your trust on this fantastic made hand winch. Durable in all weather conditions with a rust resistant Dacromet coating, you can imagine using it under a rainy day or a super hot sunny day. Just one that you shouldn’t missed having. Able to hold up to 2000kg, enough for most light 4WDs in any tough situations. 10 meters of cable, allowing enough recovery when you are at a respectable distance from the nearest tree line. Just all the goodies that you need in this one!

Features * 2000kg Dyneema Hand Winch * 10mm Length with 7mm Diameter Rope * 3 Speed Gearing 17:1, 5:1, 1:1 * Capacity 2000kg/4400LBS * Dyneema Synthetic Rope * Heavy Duty Carbon Steel * Base with Universal Mounting Holes * Detachable Handle Design * Carbon Steel Hook with Safety Latch

Specifications * Rope diameter: 7mm * Rope length: 10m * 3 speed: 17:1, 5:1, 1:1 * Coating: Dacromet * Material: Carbon steel

Package Contents 1 x 2000kg Hand Winch


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