Giantz Cordless Nail Gun with a Lithium Battery

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2-in-1 Nail Gun with a Lithium Battery

The nail gun is suitable for a wide range of fastening applications and the heavy duty unit operates on a powerful 20V li-ion battery for cordless operation.

Features: * Innovative 2-in-1 cordless nail gun * Unique air strike design provides big power and fast speed firing * Safety mechanism prevents accidental firing * Superior fast charge technology * 20V lithium-ion battery included * Compatible with 18 gauge 15-50 mm brad nails and 10-40 mm staples * Suitable for a wide range of fastening applications * Quick attach and release stainless steel magazine * 100 nails fastener capacity * Max. 100 nails/staples per minute * Depth-of-drive adjustor * Slid-proof and soft-grip gun handle * Innovative anti-dry fire system * Nail checking window * LED warning light: Empty fasteners, Jammed fasteners, Low/ damanged battery * 2 LED work lights * Single and contact fire functions * BONUS: Carry case, spare No-Mar contact tip, 200 brad nails, 200 staples

Specifications: * Straight Brad Nails: 18ga 40mm * Narrow Crown Staples: 18ga 32mm * Battery charger: 110V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz * Input voltage: 20VDC, 2000mAh * Battery: Lithium-Ion * Max. firing speed: 100 nails/ staples per minute * Max. magazine capacity: Up to 100 nails/ staples * Max. length of nails: 50mm 18 Gauge Brad Nail * Max. legnth of staples: 40mm 18 Gauge Light Duty Staples * Charging time: 45minutes approx. * Shots per full charge: 400 shots

* Weight: 2.8kg

Package Content: 1x 2-in-1 Nailer 1x 20V Lithium-Ion Battery 1x Battery Charger 200x 18ga 32mm Narrow Crown Staples 200x 18ga 40mm Straight Brad Nails 1x Carry case


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