190L Compost Tumbler Bin

190L Compost Recycling Bin

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190L Compost Tumbler Bin

Composting is made easy with our Greenfingers 190-litre capacity Composter. Besides a large capacity and a very secured lid for tight sealing, the composter also features a 3600 tumbler and lockable barrel to ensure all materials are mixed thoroughly. The built-in mixing bar helps to break up clumps and adequate side vents help to optimise aeration for accelerated composting. Plus, the composter is made from 90% recycled plastic and mounted on a sturdy steel frame with textured wheels for easy mobility. Give your garden soil the extra nutrients it deserves with our Greenfingers Composter today.

Features * 190L capacity * 360┬░tumbler * Lockable barrel * Secure lid seal * Built-in mixing bar * Strong steel frame * Textured transportation wheels * Made from 90% recycled plastic

Specifications * Capacity: 190L * Overall dimensions: 99 x 79 x 90CM * Material: 90% recycled plastic and steel * Colour: Black

Package Contents 1 x 190L Compost Tumbler Bin 1 x Assembly Instruction


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