Our Trip to Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll
Our Camping Trip at Bluff Knoll – Stirling Ranges   Last weekend, my son Joseph and I joined a small group of friends to climb Bluff Knoll which is located in the Stirling Ranges of WA. Climbing Bluff Knoll is an interesting and unique experience that I would highly recommend for any keen travellers or hikers.     If you plan to spend the night here, you can book into the campsite at Stirling Range .

Water When Camping

Water When Camping Our bodies are made up mostly of water. Therefore it goes without saying that water is quite essential to us and anytime we deprive our bodies of it we are looking at serious health consequences and maybe even death. The human body cannot go on for a long time without this vital fluid, we can only survive a mere three days without it. Therefore, if you are ever in the predicament .

How to alert others that you need rescuing

How to alert others that you need rescuing What if the unthinkable happens, what if one minute you are enjoying a quiet stroll through the beautiful terrain, then the next minute you are lost, or if you fall into an area that offers no tangible way of getting back on track and you are trapped! What do you do then? Do you just stay there without supplies and water and die from dehydration? As .


Nibiru Many of us when gazing at the stars have wondered if there is life out there somewhere. It is said that there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the beach. If that is true, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that somewhere out there, that there is life. Thoughts of alien life plague our minds for the most part, but we never really turn our .

Camping as a Vacation

Camping as a Vacation
Camping as a Vacation We all dream of going on our dream vacation. Of going to somewhere exotic, maybe Hawaii or the south of France. We see ourselves lounging on the beach, sipping mysterious drinks that we can’t pronounce their names, but try to anyways, not even caring that we sound silly. But for many of us, this is just a dream, one which will probably stay in our minds and never materialize. This .

Adding Comfort to your Camping Experience

Adding Comfort to your Camping Experience
Adding Comfort to your Camping Experience Camping in the great outdoors; roughing it and living off of the land. Though this sounds great, it is not all of us who can efficiently and effectively get through a camping trip of this nature. There are some of us, who need a little bit more pampering, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a camping experience! Here are a few ways to ‘pimp’ your camping trip, .

E. Coli The Superbug

E.coli the super bug
E. Coli The Superbug Quite often, when we hear the term ‘super,’ we think of super heroes, some brave stranger saving the day, carrying us away from any distress or danger. Though this word usually connotes grandeur and positivity, you must note that this may not always be the case, sometimes it can mean just the opposite. When paired with the word ‘bug’ super becomes a word that you would rather not hear or .