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Aussie Survivor was established in 2013 to provide a simple, yet super efficient means of purchasing camping supplies and survival equipment to equip families, extreme adventurers, military / police / security personnel and even conspiracy theorists with a means to take greater control of ensuring they are prepared for their next adventure outdoors, challenge or even to be better prepared in disaster zones whether natural or human in nature.

Recent worldwide disasters have often claimed more victims in the aftermath due to malnutrition, disease, strained medical services and availability of clean drinking water or shelter. Our website enables people with a need to be better prepared in natural disaster zones, dangerous remote locations and for the outdoor adventurers among us. We achieve this by providing products that add survivability and shelter in remote locations. This enables our customers to go on their journey better prepared with emergency supplies should roads be cut off by flooding, shelter devastated by storms, resources consumed by fire, or simply lost or injured unable to get home.

Research shows that there is a growing number of people going missing each year, often in seemingly recreational locations like alpine retreats, where a simple blizzard can lead to directional confusion, difficulty in seeing more than 1 foot in distance and may lead to wandering off far from the patrolled boundaries of their ski resort into open country with little to no time to get back before nightfall. Such an error can subject the individual to temperature drops to -20 degrees Celcius or less overnight… an almost certain death sentence without the right skills and equipment. Unforeseen elements or situations can turn lethal even to experienced mountaineers and travellers, despite the individuals existing level of outdoor education. Such situations can often lead to lost individuals, many kilometres from food and potable water, when simply packing some essential low-cost items can mean the difference between life and death.

We bridge the gap between 0 chance of survival and the likelihood of getting help in time.


Aussie Survivor

Aussie Survivor Since 2013

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