10 Best Camping Games & Activities for Kids

Kids Camping

Are your campfire gatherings starting to feel a bit routine? It’s time to infuse excitement back into your camping experience with these engaging games and crafts.

  1. Campfire Chronicles: Unleash your family’s storytelling talents around the campfire. Challenge each other to share the spookiest or most thrilling tales, or create a collaborative Mad Libs-style story.
  2. Art in Nature: Keep the little ones entertained with arts and crafts. Bring along supplies like glue, scissors, markers, and paper for creative projects. Encourage them to create a nature journal to cherish their camping memories.
  3. Flashlight Frenzy: Take tag to the next level with flashlight tag. It’s a safer and more thrilling way to play tag around the campsite, especially after dark. Just don’t forget to pack extra batteries!
  4. Wooden Puzzle Play: Bring traditional wooden puzzle games to your campsite. The sturdy pieces are less likely to get lost. Classics like Connect 4, Shut the Box, and Tic Tac Toe will keep your kids entertained.
  5. Scavenger Hunt: Turn reluctant hikers into eager explorers with a camping scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of items to find around the campsite, like oak leaves, shells, pine needles, and various rocks. Don’t forget watches, compasses, maps, and bags for collecting treasures. The winner gets to roast their s’mores first!
  6. Glowing Ring Toss: Kids adore glow sticks. Combine a large glow stick with smaller ones to create a luminous ring toss game. Set up sticks in the ground a few feet apart and see who can make the most accurate throws.
  7. Camping Riddles: Put a camping twist on the classic ’20 Questions’ game. Think of camping-related objects for others to guess. It’s both entertaining and educational.
  8. Nature Guidebook Reading: Embrace learning during your camping trip by providing everyone with a nature guidebook. Identify local plants, animals, and landmarks. Consider maintaining a family nature journal to document your discoveries.
  9. Camping Olympics: Transform your campsite into an Olympic arena! Organize relays in an open clearing, swimming contests in the lake, or even a family tug-of-war with a rope. Ensure activities are suitable for all family members, including the youngest ones.
  10. Camping Bingo: Make quiet camp hours exciting with camping-themed bingo. Create printable bingo cards featuring items found in the woods. Pair up family members, and let them mark their boards as they spot the listed items. Teach Leave No Trace principles by emphasizing marking, not removing, the items.

Camping should be an adventure for everyone. These activities will rejuvenate your outdoor experience, ensuring your kids have a blast. Give these ideas a try and make this year’s camping trip unforgettable!”