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Survival in Humans, Environment, and Economy

Survival in Humans, Environment, and Economy

Survival in Humans, Environment, and Economy

Survival is one of the most important aspects of a human being. It is applied in order to live and to surpass the various challenges in life. In these modern times, people practice it in different ways. Other people have to survive the poverty that has stricken their lives since birth. Some people have to survive hardships in education in order to gain a good career in the future. While other people have to survive differences and indifferences in a working place in order to have and maintain a career for a living.

Survival from death is one of the various concepts concerning human nature. It is also one of the reasons people have to strive. People have to survive all the miseries and sufferings in life in order to escape doom and, thus, death. The use of physical prowess coupled with intellectual skills can help a person survive every crisis that comes into his life.

In Biology, the phrase “survival of the fittest” may refer to the process in which organisms have to adapt to a certain environment in order to survive. Adaptation could come with a change in form or behavior. This may apply to the animal kingdom and to the plant kingdom.

Adaptation to a new environment could be necessary in order to survive. Failure to adapt may lead to the deterioration of plants or the death of an animal. This concept is also applied to humans. The ancient people had to adapt to a new environment in order to survive and form a civilization. In these modern times, people in rural have to adapt to the culture of the urban people and setting in order to survive the fast-paced lifestyle.

The concept can also be applied to the economy of a country and to a company. In a business, survival would mean having the machinery to thrust an enterprise into a profitable activity. In order to survive, profits have to earn and the needed capital should be enough to cover the losses during the initial phases of business operation. A company should also gain a growing market share in order to survive the competition. Having a considerable market share could advance a business from the survival stage leading to a progressive stage.

The survival of the fittest concept was originally coined by Herbert Spencer, a British economist. It is somewhat parallel to Charles Darwin’s natural selection. Biologists normally prefer the natural selection term.

Survival is perhaps the first stage that people have to deal with in order to attain an ultimate goal.

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