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Checklist For Campers

Checklist For Campers

Checklist For Campers

Whether you are a beginning camper or an experienced one, it’s always good to have a list of camping equipment you need to take with you. In fact, what I do is have a trunk-like plastic container filled with non-perishable supplies that I always take camping. This way everything is ready to go. Once a year at the beginning of camping season, I update the items and do a supply check.

Food – It’s a good idea to have easy-to-prepare food. Make a list before you go of meals you want to prepare and go shopping. You can always check the internet for good camping recipes. Have on hand dry condiments such as salt, pepper, spices, sugar, and powdered cream. Be sure to bring staples such as coffee, bread, potatoes, catsup, mustard, onions, bacon, eggs, and marshmallows. Camping convenience foods you may want to include are granola bars, instant oatmeal packs, and peanut butter and jelly for quick eating. Don’t forget something to drink.

Sleeping Equipment – As you are aware, the tent is a very important part of camping. Make sure it is waterproof and has a canopy for rain runoff. Include a tarp or ground cloth under the tent. Make sure the tent is always stored in a dry place to keep it free of mildew. Include sleeping bags to keep you nice and warm and an air mattress to keep you off the ground. Don’t forget the pillows.

Lighting – There is nothing worse than walking around a campsite without light. Bring a lantern either powered by propane or batteries. Include a good heavy-duty flashlight and it’s always good to have a spare one. Don’t forget the extra batteries.

Cooking Utensils – Include a frying pan, camp stove with fuel, pot with lid, grill, spatula, coffee pot, and tongs.

First Aid Kit – A great idea is to put together a waterproof container filled with the following supplies that you keep stored with your camping equipment and are always ready to go. Be sure to include Panadole or other pain relievers, antibiotic cream, antiseptic, band-aids/bandages, tweezers, allergy medicine if needed, sunscreen lotion, bug repellent, antacid tablets and a box of pre-moistened towels such as baby wipes.

Personal Items – Once again it’s a great idea to keep these items stored in a waterproof container for easy accessibility. Include a bar of soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, comb/brush, makeup bag, washcloth, and towels.

Miscellaneous Supplies – Here are some things that will help make your camping experience a good one.

• Water bottles
• Tools such as hammer, screwdriver, and pliers
• Aluminum Foil
• Paper plates, napkins and plastic knives, forks, and spoons.
• Paper towels
• Trash Bags
• Tablecloth
• Charcoal
• Fire starter log
• Matches
• Small shovel
• Duct tape for emergency repairs
• Compass
• Small shovel
• Pocket knife
• Weather Radio
• Dishpan, scrub pad, and dish soap

Bring along your camping reservation and directions to the campground and you’re good to go camping. Have fun camping!

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