Water When Camping

Our bodies are made up mostly of water. Therefore it goes without saying that water is quite essential to us and anytime we deprive our bodies of it we are looking at serious health consequences and maybe even death. The human body cannot go on for a long time without this vital fluid, we can only survive a mere three days without it. Therefore, if you are ever in the predicament of not having water you must try your best to attain some. It is best to try to take as much water as you will need when you are out camping. I know that sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan, things can go wrong. You may have taken as much water as you thought would be necessary, but somehow you still ran out. The first thing that you should do is to try very hard to remain hydrated. This is very important; being very active can cause you to use up lots of energy, so it would be wise not to over exert yourself. Keeping as many fluids as you can inside of your body would be of great importance as there is no way to replenish fluids lost to perspiration and so on. If you are far off the beaten trail, you should try to locate water as soon as you can. Knowing where to look can make it easier and definitely quicker to find. Of course it is important for you to have your sterilizing equipment on hand. The last thing that you would want is to get infected by contaminated water. It doesn’t matter how clean and clear the water looks, it should be purified, you cannot tell whether water is clean or not just by looking, unless you have microscopic vision! Ok let’s find some water, if you locate some clear, flowing water which is originating from somewhere where there are no inhabitants, this water is probably clean. It certainly will be the cleanest source of water that you will encounter, but that doesn’t mean that you should just start to drink it. Remember no people does not equate to no animals! Animals may urinate or even release faeces in the water, you wouldn’t be able to see the results of their contamination and drinking the water may make you ill. Therefore, remember to purify the water, taking the time to do this may increase your chances of survival! Water may also be found in lakes, ponds and rivers. Ponds and lakes are pools of stagnant water; we all know what that means, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. These are not ideal sources of water as the risks of becoming sick is very high, I wouldn’t recommend using water from a source like this unless you have top of the line purification gear, as really high levels of bacteria and other downright nasty things may be found in the water. When camping, carrying the water that you will need is the best option that you have; that is the only way to ensure that your water supply is safe and free of harmful microorganisms. As was mentioned earlier, sometimes even the best laid plans can sometimes fail, therefore it is imperative that you have a back-up plan in place to ensure that you do not become dehydrated. Walking with a purification kit can help you attain water that is safe for drinking, so you shouldn’t leave home without one because putting your survival at risk is not an option.