Many of us when gazing at the stars have wondered if there is life out there somewhere. It is said that there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the beach. If that is true, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that somewhere out there, that there is life. Thoughts of alien life plague our minds for the most part, but we never really turn our attention to the potential dangers that lurk in the dark, a vastness that is space. Here we are on the Planet Earth as it orbits around the sun, going at its steady pace, doing just what it has been doing from the dawn of time. But what happens if something knocks Earth right off of it feet, or to be more precise, its axis! For years, many have spoken about Nibiru or Planet X, heading right towards us in a spot on collision course! What does this even mean for us? Would such a collision render the end of life on Earth, or the end of Earth itself? When cars or trucks collide, we see the devastating effect that it can have on both vehicles, they become totally wrecked. Not to mention the persons who are inside of them, sometimes the survival of the passengers is slim to none. Now let’s transfer this effect to two planets, what do you think the result would be, total destruction of Earth and everything on it? If that is your conclusion, I would have to agree with you. An impact of that magnitude would really mean the end of us all. You may be thinking, why haven’t you heard about this before, how could a Planet be looming towards Earth and you don’t know? Why isn’t this breaking news? This could be because it is just a theory, a theory that many in authority have disputed. It has even been said that those with the knowledge of it, have gone to significant measures to keep it from us, using technology and lies to keep us from knowing the truth. But why would they do that? I believe to keep the world from mass hysteria! Some of us will believe that Planet collision is just another doomsday conspiracy theory cooked up by lunatics and not take it seriously; others may buy completely into the conspiracy and look to find out as much as they can about it. Whatever your orientation, the information is out there and you have access to it, so why not find out more! In an infinite universe, we never know what may happen, whether the Planet Nibiru knocks us out of kilter or something else completely unknown or random happens; the question is, will you be prepared, well as prepared as you possibly can be for something as cataclysmic as that, or will you be left surprised and unready? Conspiracy theorists may seem like crazy people until something happens, then they are the only ones who survive as the logical thinkers perish.