Camping as a Vacation

We all dream of going on our dream vacation. Of going to somewhere exotic, maybe Hawaii or the south of France. We see ourselves lounging on the beach, sipping mysterious drinks that we can’t pronounce their names, but try to anyways, not even caring that we sound silly. But for many of us, this is just a dream, one which will probably stay in our minds and never materialize. This is not the case for everyone though; there are some who will make it a reality by saving for years until they can finally get their time in the sun. But what do you do until that time? Do you just lay at home, letting life pass you by, waiting until that fateful day arrives? If you are anything like me, you would find other adventures to live, until you get to live your dream. Life isn’t made up of one grand experience, but rather, it is a combination of many. Therefore it is up to you to have as many experiences as you can. When envisioning a vacation, many don’t see themselves camping. Camping is deemed more like a weekend activity; a short sojourn that doesn’t take long and can be crammed into two days. This does not have to be the case though, camping does not have to be restricted to two or three days, when done correctly, it can make for a beautiful vacation. I know that the idea of being in the wild for a suspended period may not have the allure of a fancy hotel room; however, you should give the idea a chance before you shut it down altogether. Let’s start by putting the right pictures in your mind; when you replace the ceilings of your hotel room and replace it with the natural ceiling of stars, you begin to see how wonderful camping can be. Now replace your days laying aimlessly by the pool with vigorous, energizing hikes taking in Mother Nature in all of its glory. Forget your exotic drinks made by bartenders and mixologists and replace them with your own, made fresh with fruits you gathered yourself from around you. I am sure that you are beginning to see just how camping can be as alluring as anywhere else. When you are in the great outdoors with your loved one, it is you against the world, there are no interruptions, no individual spa treatments, just you and your partner. Nothing at all to tear you away from spending time with each other, can you imagine the intimacy that can be derived from camping? Though the thought of camping does not appear to be a dream vacation that, does not mean that it isn’t. It is the perspective which you use to view it; when done correctly, camping can be just as great as an expensive trip at a fraction of the cost. The benefits that can be derived by camping as vacation are numerous and it can be a great way to enjoy your time.