Simple Camping

Are you tired of all the hustle and bustle of planning a camping trip? Does the thought of putting up a highfalutin tent make you want to cry? You should try simple camping, it takes away all of the pressure that comes along with the usual style of camping. In life, when we lack options, we are always clear on what has to be done, for instance, when it is close to shopping day and you only have peanut butter and bread left in the pantry, you know just what you will be having for breakfast. With simple camping, the clear option is always obvious. The word ‘fancy’ should not be associated with anything that you intend to use. No fancy tent, no fancy stove, no fancy sleeping bags; in the world of camping, the word fancy is synonymous with complicated! Once you buy that fancy compartmentalized tent, rest assured that getting it set up will be complicated. This is exactly what you want to stay away from when you are simply camping. Therefore, when selecting items to carry with you, you should stick to the basics at all times. You are there to enjoy nature, not to spend hours trying to get everything set up. So what should you travel with when embarking upon a simple camping expedition you ask? That’s simple and really doesn’t take a lot of thought. A light low maintenance tent, a sleeping bag, and maybe some comfy mats; that take care of shelter and comfort, no need for chairs or anything like that, maybe a hammock because they are lightweight and easy to mount. But what about your clothes….outfits that can be utilized for more than one thing is good, it cuts down on the amount of clothing that you have to walk with. Remember, you should have as little bulk as possible as you strive to keep it simple. One main consideration that you must have is that of food. In trying to keep things simple, your meals become a major concern. When camping, people usually cook onsite and prepare all of their meals. This requires serious planning and preparation as well as knowledge of proper storage techniques and so forth. This is when simple camping comes in handy, if you don’t know how to, or even if you are just not sure the correct way to go about cooking while camping, it would be better to select a less pretentious approach. Walking with precooked foods and canned items is a good alternative, it gives you more time to hike and take in the trails, more so than if you were stuck behind a fire! There are many benefits of simple camping and you should decide whether this style of camping is better for you. It offers you the opportunity to go camping on a whim, without having to carefully pre-plan the entire trip. It also allows for more camping/nature activities while actually on-site as set-up doesn’t take hours. Though riding through town with your canoe and other camping gear on the top of your car looks cool and it certainly does paint a pretty picture of what camping should look like, doing things simply can also be quite cool.