Extreme Adventures

There are adventurers and then they are adventurers. Some of us fancy ourselves to be fearless but when confronted with something horribly terrifying, we find ourselves shaking in our camping boots. If you belong to the group with the shakers, I know of many who are right there with you! For those truly fearless ones, the real adventurers out there, the following places are great destinations for you. Of course, the feat of climbing Mount Everest will be among the list of great adventures, it surely would not be a list if it was not mentioned. It is the world’s tallest peak after all, and anyone who can successfully make it to the top even with the risk of avalanches, storms, and of course the biting horrible cold is truly an adventurer of the greatest steam. Making it to the top of this summit is truly a test of survival and it is definitely one feat that I would love to attempt. Those of you who enjoy a wetter persuasion, would enjoy the challenge of surfing big waves. A great place to do this is at Shipsterns Bluff, located in Tasmania Australia; reaching the bluff itself comes with its own set of adventures, as the location of it is quite perilous! Reachable only by boat or if you prefer an hour-long hike through the wilderness; this bluff boasts crashing 8 feet waves at a minimum! Needless to say, this is quite the dangerous terrain for novice surfers, but for those who have the skill and the heart, catching a wave here is the ultimate thrill! Do you believe you can fly? If you do, forget about skydiving or even bungee jumping and think about really flying, no safety ropes, no parachutes, but a wingsuit! This is the epitome of having a fearless flying escapade and Mount Eiger, located in Germany is just the place for you to do it. Though not as high as Mount Everest, this mountain is the perfect place for you to spread your wings! Of course wingsuit flying is not for everyone, but it surely is an experience that cannot be beaten. Kloofing or canyoning is another extreme activity that you can indulge in. You can look into this anytime you are visiting Western Cape Town. Imagine getting yourself down a fast-moving river gorge! In order to preserve your survival, being fit is a must, this is no task for the frail. In fact, I advise that you practice your skills before you even attempt to do this, a ten-hour trip really takes a toll on your body. Can you see yourself hopping over large boulders, climbing over obstructions, and even jumping off cliffs? If you can, this may be the adventure for you and you can do it the Suicide Gorge, located in the Hottentots Mountains. I hope the extreme activities listed have given you an appetite for the wild side and that you at least try one of them; happy adventuring!