When Nature Calls

When we think about camping the first things which come to mind are fresh air and beautiful sunsets. It is true that the open-world offers many gifts, nature is truly an amazing thing, and to be infused in it, to be one with it, gives one a certain peace of mind, a comfort that can be had nowhere else. When we think even deeper about camping, our minds drift off to tents and sleeping bags, maybe even a camping stove, after all, the first thing we think of is safety, comfort, and food! But what happens when we create our own natural waste? Where does it go? What do we do with it? This is one of the most unthought-of things when we decide to go camping. The most basic option for you is the bucket. Armed with a seat at the top of it, it is a relatively comfortable way to go to the bathroom. And just so you know what happens to the content of the bucket when you are done, you only have to repeat this rhyme, ‘bucket and chuck it!’ These disposable buckets can be bought from most camping stores or even online. They are lightweight and easy to carry, therefore if you plan on camping far away from the camping area, this is a great choice for you. Of course, they are many variations of this same concept that you can decide upon. There are models that feature chairs and may even have disposable waste bags, this makes it even easier when it is time to chuck it because it eliminates any cleaning that may have to be done. For many persons, privacy is very important. I know that it is very important to me, so placing my portable toilet in a tent is the way I would go. This enclosure offers you all the comfort that you will need, making you feel right at home. For those of you who are very organized, you may even want to have two portable toilets, one labeled for number one and the other for number two. This may be very helpful when it is time to dispose of your waste. Of course, you can get creative, sticking to the purchasing option is not a must. Before actually going camping, you can make it a do it yourself project to create your own toilet and create a tailor-made one for yourself, I am sure that if you search online, you will be able to find a myriad of variations, many of which you can accomplish yourself. Since the waste is to be ‘chucked’ it is vital that you make sure that only human waste is thrown away. Remember you have come to become one with nature, not to pollute it! So no plastics should be thrown away with your waste. It is even encouraged that you use toilet paper that dissolves quickly, it is not a must, but it would be great if you did. Camping is not all stargazing and picturesque hikes, when nature calls when you are in nature, you should always be prepared!