Backyard Camping

Have you ever thought about going camping but felt afraid because you don’t know the first thing about it? Have you ever thought to yourself that you would love to go camping without actually going camping? Then camping at home may be for you, that is if you have a backyard or some wide-open space that you can use. Camping at home can be just as rewarding as camping in the wild; you can still do all the things that you would do, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are safe at home. Camping at home can also be a great idea for family camping trips or just for your own enjoyment. It takes you out of the house, but not out of your comfort zone especially if you have little ones. Think of it as having all the experiences without the danger! Just because you are in your backyard it doesn’t mean that the experiences will not remain authentic, especially if you work hard to make sure the experience is true. Purchasing all the correct gear and supplies is a must, the safety comes in knowing that you are home if something horrible should occur. It does not mean that you are allowed to use the amenities which your home provides. Just as you would do for a ‘real’ camping trip, you are expected to do for this one. All food supplies and water should be packed, you should even read up on what should be done on a camping trip. Appropriate tents and clothing and any other supplies that you will need should also be packed, the only reason you may be permitted to enter the house is to use the bathroom as there are no other amenities in place for you to do so; other than that, you should stay on the outdoors. Some people who are new to camping may even try this way as a dry run, so that when they do go camping in the wild, they would have prior knowledge which can aid them. Camping at home gives you the experience of being away from home whilst still there. Adding a relaxing tone to the home environment, one that no other activity can accomplish. It cuts down on the time and cost of an actual camping trip as you don’t actually have to travel anywhere, thereby saving you time and money. It is also easier, you won’t have to look all over for a perfect spot to pitch your tent, you won’t have to worry about whether or wild animals; it will be a truly safe environment for you and your family. Camping at home is a really great substitute for roughing it in the wild, especially if you are inexperienced. This safer alternative offers you no real threat to your survival but allows for great rewards, though not as exotic as a trip to the camping site, this option will suffice for those who just cannot brave the great outdoors!