RV Camping

There are many things that you should bear in mind when using your RV for a camping trip. Having a motorized vehicle when camping changes everything so it is very important for you to know your vehicle. Therefore a thorough inspection should be done before you even leave home so that you know just where everything is. When you arrive at the campsite, you should ask any of the campsite personnel to give clear instructions on where you should go, as there are spaces that are just for RV’s. When you arrive at the correct site, you should park the RV correctly by either backing into space or by pulling through, whatever is ideal. As was mentioned earlier, you should know where everything on your RV is; the water, sewer, and electrical hook-ups should be positioned so that they correspond with the site’s hook-ups. Knowing which side they are on, will help you to easily determine how to park. When parking, you should also consider any awnings that are on the RV, you should park with enough room for them to open completely. Now that you have your parking out of the way, make sure that the RV is level. If your spot isn’t, you can use blocks or stabilizing jacks to accomplish this. The wheels should also be chocked so that the RV remains steady. It is very important that the RV is secure in its position, this helps to eliminate any possible damage that can occur to it. Awesome…. you are now fixed in position, so it is time to give the RV some power! This may be the best aspect of camping with an RV instead of roughing it in a camping tent. You should plug the RV’s electrical shore power cord into the campsite’s receptacle. Make sure that the amperages match when you do this, to avoid damage. In order to get some water, you should place your filtered drinking water hose into the campground water supply, after you have attached it to the side of your unit, your RV is really beginning to feel like home. Sanitation is key when you are connecting your sewer hose to the provided facility. Therefore it is important for you to wear gloves to protect yourself from germs and any other harmful bacteria. When you have finished connecting the hose, place a rock under the hose or some other propping mechanism so that the hose does not lay flat, but is slightly sloped instead. This will ensure that the sewage drains properly. Finally, you must connect your gas supply, after all that preparation, I am sure that you are hungry, I know I would be. So why not prepare a freshly cooked meal? Once you have everything connected properly, you can then extend your awnings and try to make the RV look as welcoming as possible, after all, it will be your home for the duration of your camping expedition, why not make it as homely as possible.