Mountain Hiking in Brazil

Are you lucky enough to be attending the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil? If you are, here are five great mountain hikes, and you should make sure that you trek at least one of them before you leave. The Dois Irmaos (“Two Brothers”), are two Sister Mountains that make for one of the prettiest natural scenery you will ever see. Hiking to the top of the taller of the two mountains will take you just one hour and offers you a view of the famous Christ Statue. This one hour hike is obviously a short one, so it won’t take too much of your time away from the games, a great retreat if you need one during your stay. hiking in brazil The Sugarloaf and Morro do Urca Mountains is a really popular attraction to visitors both international and local alike. Imagine hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, enjoying a rain forest adventure while you look over at the marvelous views of the Morro do Urca Mountain on the other side. You should make sure that you are wearing the correct hiking shoes as the hike is very steep and putting your survival at risk is not worth it. Hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain will take you approximately three hours, three times as long as it would to hike to the top of the Dios Irmaos Mountains. If you don’t think that you have the stamina to endure a hike that is so long, or if you simply don’t have the time, you can always take the option of hiking up the Morro do Urca Mountain, it only takes thirty minutes and you don’t even need a guide! Sugarloaf and Morro do Urca Mountains   Next, we move on to Pedra da Gavea (”Gavea Rock”), this is not an option that is for the faint of heart, if you value your survival, maybe this isn’t the hike for you. Indeed, those who have never been hiking before should not choose this as an option as it is a six hour-long hike to the top. This rigorous trail offers stunning views and if you are really ambitious, you should try hiking to the top in the afternoon when there is a full moon; this is reported to be a once in a lifetime experience, so why miss it if you happen to already be in Brazil! Pedra da Gavea The Christo / Corcovado Hike is another great hike. As with all the other mountains, it offers radiant views and excellent photo options. It bears some similarities to Sugarloaf Mountain, in that you will be hiking through the rain forest. Though not a challenging hike, your fortitude is necessary as it takes a bit of time for you to get to the top safely. Christo Corcovado Finally, the Pico da Tijuca (“Tijuca Peak”) is a wonderful hike that begins in an actual neighborhood. A small hilltop village that is located in the North Zone of Rio. This hike will offer you scenes of pure natural and manmade beauty. Waterfalls and thick vegetation enthralling your senses, creating the feeling of being in an island paradise, which by the way is true! Your hike ends in a man-made staircase, that’s carved into the mountain, what else can you ask for? These hikes can make for great time fillers for you when you are attending the games, though most of them are not threatening, those who are inexperienced should take note that your survival may be at risk if you choose to embark upon a hike that is too daring!