Creating a Camp Kitchen

The easy option for many when camping is to carry pre-cooked food; but what if you don’t like food from cans, I know I don’t! For some, having food that is freshly cooked is a must, therefore knowing how to set up a safe cooking station is of paramount importance. Here is a list of materials that you will need to get your station set up; pots, pans, and utensils that are generally used for cooking, two large plastic containers, a camp stove, and two folding tables. As you well know, there are many camping grounds that are well equipped with tables; if this is a new camping site and you are not sure whether or not they will have tables, it is a good idea to walk on your own. When placing the table, ensure that it is placed downwind from your tent. You should also make sure that it is far enough away from it that the aroma of the food would not penetrate its walls and more importantly so that it does not become a fire hazard. Now that your table is set up in the very best site of the camping ground, you must remember that organization is the key, the better you have everything organized, the easier it will be for you. The table should be organized appropriately by dividing the table in half. One half of your table should be used to prepare your food. Think of it as a kitchen counter, the place where all the preparation is done, the cutting and chopping, and so on. The other half of your table will house your stove; you should keep everything that is connected to the stove on this half, like lighters and matches, these should be kept close to the stove for easy retrieval. Now that you have your counter space and your cooking space, there is a need for your cupboard space, we are building our very own little camping kitchen! Under the table becomes the cupboards, you can store all your pots and pans in a box under the table. This way whenever you start to cook, you will know where to find everything you need. It may be best, however, to transfer these things to your vehicle at night time to keep them safe, this will prevent any wild animals from rummaging through them. The second table can be used for a clean-up station, your sink; this will stop you from having to wash up the dishes and pots on the ground; therefore, less strain on your back. Place the two plastic containers on the table and fill them with water. Add soap liquid to one of them, this one will be used to wash the dishes, and the other one used to rinse. By just keeping the elements of your kitchen at home in mind, you would be able to create your very own makeshift cooking space in the outdoors and thus be able to enjoy freshly cooked food while camping.