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Bug Out Bag Tips

Bug Out Bag Tips

Bug-Out Bag Tips

At any given time, disaster can strike; man-made or natural. Knowing that you are prepared if a devastating tragedy was to occur can really give you peace of mind. There are people who are very interested in prolonging their survival if such an occurrence was to happen. Some of them have built state of the art bunkers, fully equipped with food to last them quite a while and all other survival apparatus. However, sometimes for your survival, it may be best for you to be on the move. Having a well-packed bug out bag is a great option for this; it gives you the opportunity to get out quick, knowing that you have everything that you will need to ensure your survival. It is one thing to know that you need a bug out bag, knowing what goes inside of it is another thing altogether. Persons who normally go camping may have a better feel of what should be packed, but even a novice can pack a great bag. In the event that something tragic happens and you have to be on the move in a hurry, the shelter will be necessary, making sure that your bug out bag is carrying some sort of shelter or protection from the elements like a tent, is of absolute importance. Of course, there must be water and food inside your bag somewhere, in times of chaos, finding basic supplies may prove to be difficult, therefore, it is best to make sure that you travel on your own. Also to be included are tools to make a fire, we all watch the rubbing of two sticks together with a method on television shows, but unless you have some training in that area, that isn’t something that can be easily done. Make sure that you are carrying all of the agents necessary to make a fire. A first aid kit is very vital, it may make the difference between your survival and your death. If you are injured either during or after there is an emergency, medical care may not be too forthcoming. Having a first aid kit allows you to get yourself patched up until you can get help. Always remember your survival tools when packing your bag, things like flashlights are great if you need light on the move. Knives serve a dual function; protection and obviously cutting. Radios are essential, being able to know what is going on beyond you can really help you chart your path, maybe even find a place of refuge! Now that you have an idea of what to pack, bear in mind that there are a right way and a wrong way to pack the items in your bug out bag. There are three categories of packing that should be acknowledged; urgent, emergency, and non-urgent. All the items that are not urgent, like clothing and other such things should be placed in the bag first, therefore taking up space at the bottom of the bag. More urgent things like your water, food, and shelter should be packed second, placed on top of the first items. Your emergency items like your knives and flashlights should be packed in the pockets of your bag and even on your person, they should always be easily retrievable. You never know when you may need your knife quickly to defend yourself, having to dig around in your bag would prove very ineffective if you were under attack. Just a few more things for you to remember when packing your bug out bag; make sure that it fits your body well, if you are small don’t buy an overly large bag, it can hamper your mobility. Also, it is important to make sure that nothing gets wet in the bag, you can use plastic seal bags to keep everything nice and dry. You should also remember that you have packed food and water in your bag, so constantly repacking those items just to ensure that they are not expired is a good idea. Happy packing!

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