Bibbulmun Track

For many people, camping can be a very relaxing past-time. Though the Bibbulmun Track is best known for its wonderful walking trail, camping is also an option for those who are more interested in making an adventure of it, more so than just a stroll. The track stretches from Kalamunda to Albany, making it one of the longest walking trails in the world, approximately 1000 kilometers. So it is best that you are fully equipped with the necessary safety equipment that is essential for your survival, that is if you ever dared to make this trip in its entirety. Many people tend to select particular parts of the trail to hike, therefore being able to make the most of the trail by choosing the more picturesque places to pass by, this is a great option for less experienced walkers or for those who like to stop and stare and maybe even take some photos of the breath-taking countryside. The track offers a total of forty-nine campsites and they are all quite closely spaced. The abundance of these areas, make camping quite easy as they are all fully furnished with the basic necessities. They include picnic tables, pit toilets, tent sites and many more amenities which I am sure will help make the best of your camping trip. Before you set off on your adventure on the beautiful and scenic Bibbulmun Track, there are a few things that you should know, just a few pointers to ensure that your exploration doesn’t impact your survival. Even if you decide on hiking and not camping, you should still walk in a tent, even a light one, you never know, you may end up having to spend the night at a campsite, therefore it is better to be safe than sorry. Though the trail has great signage, carrying a map with you just in case is recommended. Mix-ups can always be made, misreading a trail marker or confusing it with another marker can cause undue stress and panic to you, having a back-up plan cannot hurt, pack a map! Always make sure that you have lots of water, especially if you plan to walk the trail in the heated seasons, it is quite easy for you to get dehydrated quickly while hiking. As with an adequate supply of water, it goes without saying that you should also have enough food packed away to last from town to town. Finally, you should make sure that any medications that you are currently on are packed safely and always with you, I would even recommend wearing a special bracelet or chain that tells anyone that comes to your aid where they can locate your medication, just in case you need some help. That is if you are traveling alone. Camping or hiking along the Bibbulmun Track is one of the most exhilarating exploits in the world, though it is absolutely stunning, your safety and survival should always be in your mind, therefore it is imperative that you read as much as you can about it and ensure that you are as safe as possible.