Welcome to the ants nest and have you ever wondered how much information is being stored on you, yes you

Why would they care about me you might ask, why would anything I do be of any interest to anybody?

I used to like ant farms when I was a child and I would search for hours to find a good nest to raid. I wonder if those ants thought as we do today, just happily going about our business and then BANG you’re being picked up and watched like a pet to study. The question is, are we the ants being studied by some rich tycoon looking to make money or does it just simply amuse him, I don’t know. All I know is we are all doing what we are told to some degree, believe it or not, you have to or you would not be reading this and living in a hole in the ground.


How much is enough and what can we do about it.

The first thing we can do to free ourselves from the ants nest is turn our satellite navigation off on our phones, do we really need to be able to be located at any time, yes this can be handy but turn it on only when needed.

Take features like Facebook off your phone, have a read of your terms and conditions, allow access to you messages and mms, really. I use Facebook all the time but have left it to my computer only now.

The features coming out today are ground breaking but are they breaking the nest. What happens if the lid gets taken off and we are free to do what we want, would we all just scramble to the top and run and for our lives, or would we just sit back and keep living as per normal.

Imagine the world with no technology, no phones no “I” anything, just our basic needs for survival and living. Imagine having a conversation for more than 20 minutes and the elders telling stories around the campfire.

Guess what, the lid is off the ants nest and we are free to go as we please, all you need to do is walk. Ok well let’s take it one step at a time before we all go sleeping in caves and stuff, but how about turning off your phone for a day, and just maybe don’t turn that 60’ LED TV on for one night, you may just find yourself being one of the elders telling that fascinating story.

Aussie Survivor