Minecraft and Autism


I met a lady one day and in conversation I brought up my sons condition and we got to talking. I told her I am trying to limit my son on the video games as he spends too much time on them and like any father, I would much rather see my child climbing trees and playing in the back yard. She informed me about a game called Minecraft, and that it would be great for him as she worked with special needs children and sees how the game is beneficial to their learning.

I immediately found the game and downloaded it to my play station 4 for him, and the wonders began from that day forth. So why do I believe playing a game like Minecraft is of value to kids with Autism you might ask? Well after about a week of playing and a little bit of encouragement I began to see my boy advance in the game and overtake me in the skills department; he built amazing new worlds with amazing things and I must admit I even built a few things myself, but I was somewhat surprised to learn just how advanced my son’s abilities are to create and think logically about making things. The beauty of the game is everything has to be made; you need to prepare the ground so you can plant seeds and from that you can get things like wheat or watermelons, and the wheat can be made into bread to eat or food for the sheep and so on and so on…


Then I happened to discover on YouTube one day a character called Stampy Cat aka Joseph Garrett, and the obsession began. My boy began to start building more advanced structures and basically copying Stampy Cat, his commentary is usually very good and I must confess to watching a few episodes myself.
Watching my beautiful son play this game and grow with it, has really opened my eyes to how important it is to have a hero and that is exactly what Stampy Cat is too my boy, so I hope Joseph Garrett gets the chance to read this, and a special thank you from me and I am sure loads of other parents out there.
The importance for my son watching helped him to develop certain social skills as Stampy Cat normally has a friend working with him. I see my boy at school finding an interest with other kids and talking about what they have built and how they did something on the game.
I think this would be great for any child growing up today, but have found amazing benefits for my son, I just hope it continues to grow and Stampy Cat keeps doing what he does best and keeps entertaining our children.

Minecraft can be loaded on tablets, Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and 4 to my knowledge.